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It can be tricky when it comes to making a toothpaste selection, particularly if you’re not sure which one you should be looking for or what your mouth and teeth need. Walking down the toothpaste aisle of your local Lakeview grocery store or pharmacy can be overwhelming since there are so many brands and types available. There is everything from tartar control to whitening to anti-gingivitis types of toothpastes. So how do you know which toothpaste is best for you? Here’s a quick guide to help you. First, no matter what type of toothpaste, what flavor, or what brand you choose, it should have a seal of approval on it from the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA requires that certain guidelines be met from manufacturers when making toothpaste. Once you have found the toothpastes that are ADA approved, you can narrow it down even more.

Fluoride Toothpaste

To protect your teeth against cavities and decay, choose toothpaste with fluoride in it. Your dentist may suggest this type of toothpaste. It strengthens your teeth as well. It’s especially important if you have conditions or medications that cause you to have dry mouth since little saliva means little protection against decay. Not only do fluoride toothpastes help to prevent decay, they also remineralize the root surfaces of your teeth.

Tartar Control Toothpaste

You have bacteria (plaque) on your teeth; everyone does. If you don’t remove this plaque right away with the right oral hygiene, it can turn into tartar which builds up under your gums and on your teeth. When it has built up on your teeth, it can be hard to remove. When you don’t remove plaque, it can lead to gum disease. Tartar control toothpastes contain certain ingredients such as zinc citrate and pyrophosphates that have been proven effective in eliminating tartar. Also, there are other tartar control toothpaste options that contain triclosan (antibiotic) that gets rid of some of the bacteria in your mouth.

Baking Soda Toothpaste

Baking soda was the teeth cleaning tool many people used in the past because it worked. It doesn’t have any therapeutic value, but it does a great job cleaning and leaving your mouth feeling fresh. A number of toothpastes now contain baking soda.

Antigingivitis Toothpaste

If your gums are bleeding and red it could be an indication of gingivitis, which is a mild type of gum disease. Antigingivitis toothpastes are effective at stopping gingivitis and help reduce oral bacteria.

Whitening for Yellow or Stained Teeth

Whitening toothpastes help to prevent stain build-up and polish your teeth. They contain mild abrasives that do this job.

Desensitizing Toothpaste

Ever take a sip of a cold beverage or take a gulp of hot coffee and feel a shooting-type pain in your teeth? If so, desensitizing toothpaste may help provide you with relief. It helps to reduce tooth sensitivity by blocking the tooth’s pain single to your nerve.

Natural Toothpaste

Your choice of toothpaste also includes natural selections. A toothpaste that’s labeled as “natural” means that it contains ingredients derived from natural sources versus chemicals and artificial preservatives. These natural ingredients are derived from plants and minerals, and the toothpaste is typically paraben free, fluoride free, and sulfate free. Most of the toothpastes you find in your Chicago grocery stores and pharmacies will contain these ingredients, while many also have breath freshening agents too. The best way to decide which one is right for you, however, is to talk with your Lakeview dentist and get his recommendation. He will perform an examination of your teeth and recommend one that is best suited for your specific needs. If you’re searching for a full-service Lakeview family dentist, look no further than Smile On Dental Salon & Sleep Apnea Center. Call us today at 773-570-1630 or book an appointment online.

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