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Although today more and more adults are opting for braces, a stigma still exists. Not so with Invisalign treatment, which offers two big advantages over braces: invisibility and removability. Smile On Dental & Sleep Apnea Center has thousands of adult Invisalign patients, and we know what it’s like to have Invisalign as an adult. 

Invisalign Is Mostly Painless

From the time you visit our local dentist for your first Invisalign fitting, to the day when your Invisalign aligners can be retired, it’s likely you’ll feel little to no pain. The only time you might feel some discomfort is during your first few weeks of wearing a new set of aligners, during which time your teeth and mouth will acclimate to the gradual movement brought on by the product. If you do experience some residual pain, try changing the aligners at night so that the “transition period” occurs during sleep. This should help minimize any soreness. 

You Can Eat and Drink Anything*

Yes, you can eat and drink all of the things you enjoyed before getting Invisalign – *as long as you remember to remove your aligners before indulging your favorite chewy snack. Candy, popcorn, gum and everything else that’s forbidden for braces-wearers is ok for Invisalign patients to consume – in moderation, of course. One thing to remember is that aligners are held in place by small attachments that match the “mounting” teeth. These can’t be removed easily, so you may want to avoid regular consumption of solids/liquids that stain, i.e. tea and wine. If your attachments to get stained, you can make an appointment with our nearby dentist’s office and we’ll change them. 

The “Invis” In Invisalign Is The Real Deal

Unless someone gets really close to your mouth and stares directly at your teeth, Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible to the people around you. This is a big-time confidence booster for many adults who would prefer not to draw any attention to their dental work, no matter how innocuous that attention is. We’ve received a small amount of feedback from wearers who evince a slight lisp for a couple hours during the adjustment period, but this is easily rectified by switching aligners at night and letting the adjustment occur while asleep. 

The Importance Of Removability Can’t Be Understated

Between lunch dates, cocktails, business meetings, and everything else that comprises an active adult’s days, being able to remove the aligners is a huge deal. After making a big presentation, having a nice lunch, and grabbing a few drinks, just brush your teeth and put the aligners back into place. 

A Fantastic Smile Comes Faster Than You Think

Many of our patients are impressed by just how fast Invisalign works to reshape their smile. On average, the process takes a little less than two years, but the pace picks up as you get farther into treatment and begin swapping out aligners every week. 

We’ll Help You Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted

For adults wanting to straighten teeth without braces, Invisalign is an excellent choice that’s painless, versatile, and fast-acting. Contact Smile On Dental & Sleep Apnea Center in Chicago or Deerfield today and schedule a consultation. Your perfect smile is right around the corner. 

Be proud of your smile.