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With so many commercials running these days about Invisalign, Dr. Walley has had more questions than usual about this popular orthodontic appliance. Here are five things you should know if you’re wondering whether Invisalign will be the right fit for you.

It’s a Better Fit Than You Think

Invisalign is an excellent fit for most patients seeking a straighter smile. There are a few exceptions — patients who wear bridges or dental implants, those with teeth that need to be moved vertically or rotated, or individuals with certain bite and bone alignment issues — but by and large, Invisalign proves to be a good solution for many people.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

If your insurance includes orthodontic coverage, your Invisalign treatment may be covered or partially offset. In the event that it’s not, payment plans are available. In either case, you’re closer than you think to the smile you’ve always wanted.

It Takes Mindfulness

There are many advantages to Invisalign, but many of our patients single out one thing in particular: you can eat or drink literally anything you want. Unlike braces — where apples, corn on the cob, taffy, gum, bagels, pizza, or a tub of buttered popcorn at the movies are all verboten — your choices with Invisalign are unlimited. That doesn’t mean eating those things whenever you want. Your Invisalign trays will stain easily. Sipping coffee, soda, or red wine will leave your aligners — and your smile — looking grungy. So will smoking. Because the aligners are so much more comfortable and less obtrusive, it’s easy to forget they’re there. For your own sake, think before you eat and drink!

It Takes Patience

Another reason that Invisalign is popular is because it’s as quick as it is effective. However, “quick” doesn’t mean “overnight.” Even though the aligners are hard at work, you’re not going to see results right away. It takes patience to see results, but that patience will pay off. It’s also worth noting that you will experience some discomfort. Your teeth have gotten used to being where they are, and they won’t move without some protest. For most patients, that discomfort is something that’s easily addressed with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

It Takes Discipline

Just because your aligners can come out doesn’t mean they should too often. We can’t stress this enough; your aligners should only come out when you eat, drink, or clean your teeth. The rest of the time — whether you’re working, playing, reading, or snoozing — they belong in your mouth. You’ll also need to be every bit as diligent as you were before about brushing and flossing. After all, straight teeth aren’t doing you any favors if they’re riddled with cavities! And most importantly, you’re going to need retainers. In the beginning, you’ll be wearing them just like you wore the aligners. After some time passes, you’ll only need them at night. Many of our patients already had braces but never got the memo that they needed to wear a retainer every night long after the braces came out. We’re sure you don’t want to go through this process a third time! After reading this, you may still have questions about Invisalign (though we hope you have a few less than you started with). If you’re looking for a lovely smile with straight, gorgeous teeth, there’s no better place to start than Smile On Dental Salon & Sleep Apnea Center. Call us today for a consultation and we’ll give you the information you need.

Be proud of your smile.