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Teeth whitening is a highly sought-after cosmetic dental procedure that brightens your smile and confidence. Over time, age, diet, and lifestyle habits can cause your teeth to lose their original luster. Fortunately, modern dentistry has developed several safe and effective teeth whitening options that can help restore your smile’s natural brightness.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures

Professional teeth whitening is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to achieve a smile several shades whiter. Although your dentist uses more bleaching agents than over-the-counter products, they take precautions, such as applying a gum barrier to ensure you don’t experience discomfort.

Common professional whitening options:

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is the most effective method for brightening your smile. This process involves applying a high-concentration hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel directly to your teeth.

The gel remains on the teeth for 15-20 minutes, activated by a specialized light that helps the active ingredients break up and disperse staining pigments in your tooth. This procedure may be repeated thrice in one visit for optimum results. You can expect your smile to be up to eight shades whiter.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

If you want an option that delivers professional results in the comfort of your own home, you can use a take-home teeth whitening kit. These kits include custom-made dental trays and a lower concentration of peroxide gel.

The gel is applied to the tray’s tooth indentations and worn for around an hour each day for two weeks. While the results may not be immediately noticeable, take-home kits provide the convenience of whitening your teeth at your own pace. They are an excellent option for touch-ups between visits to the dental office.

Are There Any Dangers with Teeth Whitening Procedures?

Teeth whitening procedures, when carried out correctly, are generally safe and should not damage the tooth enamel. The active ingredient in most whitening agents is hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, which penetrates the enamel allowing for the removal of stains from the underlying dentin. However, overuse or misuse of whitening products can lead to issues. High concentrations of whitening agents, extended contact with the teeth, or frequently repeated whitening procedures can occasionally increase tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. It is also possible for the enamel to appear more translucent if whitening treatments are overused.

Always use whitening products as directed and consult a dental professional before beginning a teeth whitening regimen.

Smile Brighter Today With Smile On Dental Salon & Sleep Apnea Center

Teeth whitening procedures offer a non-invasive way to enhance your smile. Whether you prefer the convenience of at-home treatments or the immediate results of in-office procedures, there’s a teeth whitening method that will work for you.

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