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While you may already know that your teeth are the hardest substance in your body, did you know that a knocked-out tooth starts to die within 15 minutes, your teeth have a 200 lb. bite force, and adults have more teeth than children?

Keep reading for more interesting dental facts that may surprise you.

1. Every Person Has a Unique Tongue Print

Like your fingerprint, your tongue is unique to only you. Biometrics companies are currently working on a technology to enable an individual’s tongue to be scanned as proof of identification.

2. Almost 50% of Young Adults Globally Have Untagged Themselves From Social Media Because They Did Not Like Their Smile

Having a smile you are confident about sharing in person and online is important professionally and socially. With all the advancements in dental technology, it’s easy to upgrade your smile.

Instantly improve your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment, correct several dental flaws simultaneously with porcelain veneers or straighten your smile with Invisalign’s discreet orthodontic trays.

3. Most People Pick Blue Toothbrushes Over Red Ones

Although blue is the top toothbrush choice, the color isn’t as important as choosing the right bristle strength. Always choose a soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent damaging your tooth enamel and gums.

Let your toothbrush air dry instead of capping it to minimize bacterial growth.

4. The Average Person Spends 38.5 Days Brushing Their Teeth Over Their Lifetime

Brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash at least once daily can add up to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Ask your dental hygienist for tips on brushing your teeth correctly and ensure you use the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste for your oral health needs so your smile lasts a lifetime.

5. Soda Elevates Your Risk of Tooth Decay

A 12 oz. can of soda contains approximately 12 teaspoons of sugar, which is as much as 6-12 cups of coffee! People who drink three or more glasses of soda a day have a 62% increased risk of cavities because of the high acid and sugar content.

Soda also causes dehydration, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Switching to water is better for your dental health and waistline.

6. If You Skip Flossing, You Miss Cleaning 40% of Your Teeth

To protect your smile, floss at least once daily. Use waxed floss for tightly spaced teeth and dental tape for larger gaps. Also, talk to your dentist or hygienist about options like interdental tools or a Waterpik if you have dental restorations or wear braces.

7. Biannual Dental Cleanings Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks

Research shows a connection between gum disease and the inflammation that causes coronary heart disease. Although mouth bacteria have been found in the atherosclerotic vessels, the body’s immune response causes vascular damage.

A healthy mouth, a good oral care regimen, and regular dental check-ups can benefit your overall well-being.

8. More Than 50,000 Americans Are Diagnosed With Oral Cancer Annually

Oral cancer is a largely preventable disease that presents on or under the tongue, at the base of the tongue, on the gum and soft tissue of the mouth, and at the back of the throat.

At Smile On Dental Salon & Sleep Apnea Center, our priority is oral health, so we perform mouth cancer screenings as part of your dental check-up.

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Our teeth enable us to chew our favorite foods and help us speak and pronounce our words correctly. But most of all, they give us a unique smile.

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Be proud of your smile.