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Everyone loves a gorgeous, bright-white smile, and there are some natural methods to help brighten your smile — in between visits to the dentist of course. Try the following:

Eat Your Greens – And Lots of Them

Leafy greens are good for so many things, especially when it comes to your health. Stock up on broccoli and kale as these greens contain a mineral that can help to protect teeth against stains.

Milk or Cream With Your Coffee? – Yes Please

That delicious latte or designer coffee you so love does stain your teeth, but no one really wants to kick the caffeine habit. Add cream or milk to your coffee (or tea) as it will change the chemistry of the liquid and deter it from sticking to the surface of your teeth.

A Little Swish of Water Goes A Long Way

As soon as you have finished your meal, try swishing water around your mouth to get rid of anything that may have stuck to your teeth — this will help prevent any food from staining. Swish the water around your mouth for at least 30 seconds in order to really make a difference — ideally in the bathroom and not in the restaurant! And don’t forget to schedule your next dental visit with Smile On Chicago.

Be proud of your smile.