A denture being placed into a glass with a solution

What Happens During a Denture Reline?

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A denture reline is a procedure used to adjust the fit of a denture plate. It may be needed if the denture begins to feel loose or if the patient experiences discomfort when wearing the denture. The reline process generally involves taking an impression of the denture and creating a new liner out of a soft material that will fit …

A close-up photograph of a mouthguard on a blue background. The mouthguard is designed to protect the teeth and mouth from injury during sports or other physical activities

Who Should Wear a Nightguard?

Smile On Dental Salon and Sleep Apnea Center Blog

A nightguard is a mouth guard worn while you sleep to protect your teeth and jaw from clenching and grinding. Clenching and grinding can cause excessive wear on the teeth, leading to chips, cracks, and even tooth loss. Nightguards are made of soft plastic and fit comfortably over your teeth. They absorb force and friction from tooth grinding that can …